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Designmarkt Gent

Designmarkt Gent

Designmarkt Gent

Designmarkt Gent

The weekend of November 9-10, the ICC in Ghent will welcome the fall edition of DesignMarkt also known as the home of vintage design. From what I’ve heard, a wide range of items will be available, be it affordable or that one master piece you’ve been hunting down for a while. The former might be a good thing if you weren’t sure of going yet. I admit, I usually skip these things because they never offer something affordable, so I hope this one proves to be different.

Next to the vintage design market, there are also some other activities such as the 101 Lights exhibition in co-operation with Design Museum Gent. This exhibition serves as an overview of the design light fixtures through the years. Most vendors will be bringing extra vintage lights, so if you’re looking for a fancy light for the coming winter months, I’m sure you’ll more than find your way here.

Another exhibition is hosted by LostNFound, founded by the man behind DesignMarkt, Frederic Rozier. They aim to re-issue the long-forgotten iconic design pieces by famed Belgian architects and designers.
First in the series and to be presented exclusively at DesignMarkt will be the Boomerang T3 table by Brussels architect Willy Van Der Meeren.

Keep an eye out on the blog as I will dedicate a special post to the re-issued Booomerang on the occasion of DesignMarkt 2013, the fall edition.

And if you were wondering what COS is doing in the photos above: the Swedish brand will be present at DesignMarkt with a special, mobile pop-up store. I’m curious to see what that is all about.

Hope to see you there next weekend!

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