#myvitabreak – week 3

#myvitabreak week 3

As I’m gearing up for the fourth and final week of #myvitabreak, let’s have a look at this week’s challenges, shall we? I’ll even tell you all about my favorite soup recipe in the process.

Monday – Turn your FOMO into JOMO

FOMO // Fear Of Missing Out
JOMO // Joy Of Missing Out

Notifications. They are the first thing that I turn off when installing a new app on just about any device I’m using. They are the worst when you’re trying to concentrate on work. Nowadays, I even store my phone away in a drawer whenever I’m at work (be it at the day or the home office). You wouldn’t believe how good this is for my productivity.
At work I try to tackle my inbox at given times throughout the day, but it’s also the one exception when we’re talking notifications. Because of my job content, I’m simply unable to turn them off, but that doesn’t really bother me (anymore).
How do you tackle your FOMO?

Tuesday – Soup
I confess: I even eat/drink soup during the hottest days in summer. As I try to cut carbs from the menu I’m in need of something other than just a salad for lunch. On Sundays I usually prepare soup for the week ahead. I also make sure to have plenty of soup available in the freezer for the busy days.
I usually prepare soup according to the season we’re in. Nowadays, my pumpkin level has reached a high, I guess. Then again, I absolutely love different kinds of pumpkin soup.

#myvitabreak week 3

I recently received a new cookbook in the mail, courtesy of the lovely people at Luster books. The book is titled Hemelse soepen and is based on the English edition Magic Soup: Food for Health and Happiness by Nicole Pisani, a former chef at Ottolenghi’s restaurants, and Kate Adams, a former editor at Penguin Book. What I really like about this book is how versatile and innovative the recipes are. If you want to step up your soup game, this book is a must.

#myvitabreak week 3

Without copying the recipe here, let me just say that adding a bit of peanut butter to your pumpkin soup (I prefer to use a butternut by the way as I really like its texture) takes it to a whole new level.
One tip for all you soup devotees: roasting your veggies before turning them into soup adds so much more flavor to it. Go ahead and try it. You can thank me later.

Wednesday – Warning: exercise has been known to cause health and happiness
This was quite an easy challenge as it aims to integrate exercise into your daily routine. I have two printers available at work, one in my office and one down the hallway. I almost always use the one down the hallway. When having a question for a colleague I’d rather stop by their desk instead of calling them. These are really small things to do but very efficient.

Thursday – Relax
What better way to relax after a long day at work than taking a long, hot bath or tuck in early with a good book? No better recipe than this, really.

#myvitabreak week 3

This Twilight bath bomb by Lush is the perfect accessory for some downtime in that bathtub. Warning: contains massive amounts of glitter (but hey, I’m not complaining!).

Friday – Let’s dance
I’m not much of a party girl, never have and never will be. However, I can imagine it feels really good to don that new little black dress, those high heels and sport those red lips for a night out on the town.
I just discovered Lily’s newest party collection this morning and I must say, I’m contemplating a night out after seeing those beautiful party frocks!

Saturday – Saturdays are for adventure, Sundays are for cuddling
What better way to spend your Saturday relaxing, right? In my case I settle for some chores around the house in the morning so I can take the afternoon off. Pure bliss!

Sunday – A penny for your thoughts
I don’t know about you guys but I’m prone to making lists. I create them in apps, in Evernote, on paper, but most of all in my head. I know it’s a bad thing to do, especially when you’re in bed, right before dozing off. I’m trying to work on this, though by not allowing myself to do so, but it’s not the easiest challenge.
How do you tackle these to-do lists?

And so we come to the end of yet another #myvitabreak week! Stay tuned on Instagram for next week’s challenges and a final round-up on Sunday!

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  1. Duizend hartjes voor de party collection (en de rest van de site) van Lily! Nu nog een winkel in Gent en ‘t is compleet 😉

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