snapshot #5 – time

snapshot - santa monica pier - ferris wheel

Time. I am not sure how you feel about it but most of the time it goes like ‘so little time’ around here. In fact, it’s quite daunting how quickly it passes by. It’s been over fifteen hours since I got up to go to work and within an hour or so I will tuck myself in.

I’ve been trying to make time for things though. I’ve included a weekly hour dedicated to working out but that also means I had let go of other things. And it’s the latter I’m having a particular hard time with. I’m not a fan of letting go. Instead, I’m the one who wants and presumes she can do it all.

A couple of weeks I was still thinking about how the month of December would be calm. Nowadays, all my weekends are practically filled with plans. New, exciting ventures, though, so I’m not complaining.

Then again, I am promising myself to take things slow during the last week of the year. I have ten days off and plan on catching up with a couple of things I’ve been neglecting these last couple of months. I’m looking forward to finishing up my website, get going on editing those photos from five years ago, creating a photo album, digging into that bookshelf and creating new content for you guys.

I’ve been using my camera in work-mode only and it’s something I was afraid of when I first started out as a freelance photographer.
I was browsing through my Lightroom catalog tonight when I came across this photo from our road trip through California last year. It was taken on the Santa Monica Pier just before we hitched a ride on its famous ferris wheel. It also reminded me how much I love to go out there, exploring the world and capturing it with my camera (be it a dSLR or iPhone). That, my friends, is what will be my focus for the new year to come (talk about early New Year’s resolutions). The joy it brings me has been way too underrated lately.

What about you? Do you also feel like you’re losing track of time because there are so many ideas in your head waiting to be released? I’d love to read about it in the comments!

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  1. Drukke agenda’s zijn hier ook schering in inslag.
    Een wandeling in het bos, langs het strand met de kids brengt hier gelukkig nu en dan eens wat aangename rust. Lang leve de zwarte Kiezel in De Haan: eerst bos, dan strand, gevolgd met een glaasje rosé in de binnenspeeltuin 😉 Iedereen moe in bed erna.

  2. Tijd! Ik kan echt haast niet geloven dat we alweer bijna december zijn. Er zijn zoveel dingen die ik nog zou willen doen en proberen! Fantastische foto, trouwens en dat moet ook een fantastische reis zijn geweest.

    1. Ja, hé, soms heeft een mens echt geen vat op de tijd.
      Dat was het inderdaad. Er volgen alleszins nog wel een aantal posts met foto’s van daar! 🙂

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