happy thanksgiving

If there’s one holiday that I envy Americans for, it has to be Thanksgiving. Christmas comes in a close second, because you have to give it to them: no one does Christmas like they do. Well, except for part of my online Christmas posse, like Stephanie whose holiday playlist on Spotify is a must.

Today, Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving, however, and when browsing my favorite American blogs, all I see are turkeys nowadays and I adore it. What can be more fun than a laid-back, casual pre-Christmas affair with your loved ones and possible food comas to come?

I also love how this is a moment of reflection, of thinking about the good things that have happened and which you are grateful for. Our society tends to focus on the negative side of things, while we should all take the time and reflect on all the good that has come our way.
It’s what I will be doing tonight, with a cup of tea and while preparing for some online Black Friday madness tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’ll stick with pinning all those Thanksgiving recipes before plotting my move Stateside in order to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in a proper way.

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      1. Allemaal van harte welkom! Die villa met gastenkamers en zwembad wordt hopelijk geen probleem. 😉

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