#myvitabreak – week 4

#myvitabreak week 4

Remember when I first wrote about #myvitabreak, shorty after the launch event I attended? Right, that’s over four weeks ago, which also means that the challenge has come to an end. Today is my last weekly round-up, but of course I’ll continue to practice most of the challenges even though the #myvitabreak story comes to and.

Let’s take a look at this final week, shall we?

Monday – It’s Monday, don’t forget to be awesome
Always try to be awesome, Monday through Sunday. A couple of tricks to help you along the way:

  • Don’t just say ‘yes’, think about the value of a project before committing to it.
  • Check your e-mail on regular intervals: I’ve been doing this for quite a while now and it helps to keep my productivity on a certain level.
  • Empty that inbox! There’s no need for e-mails in there otherwise you’ll have the feeling you’re conquering an endless to-do list.
  • Put a strain on social media after 8pm. It’s not only good for your productivity but rest assured, it’ll be proof for a good night’s sleep as well.

Tuesday – The only bad work-out is the one that didn’t happen

#myvitabreak week 4

Did you know that you can make this a part of your day? Just park your car a little bit further than usual, take the bike for grocery shopping during your lunch break, clean the house, do some ironing… Small things, but hey, those calories need to go somewhere!
Of course, you could also try rope-skipping, well, if you’re not as clumsy as me, that is.

Wednesday – I’m sorry for what I said when I was hangry

Hangry used to be my middle name. I’m telling no lies here! However, I totally changed my lifestyle early last year. I now eat a healthy salad for lunch and while I used to hate chewing on all that greenery, I’m now looking forward to it.
My secret? Stepping up my salad game. There are so many great and easy recipes to be found online (just hit Pinterest), I’m sure there’s at least something you’ll like. I’m telling you, I used to hate any type of salad, now I might just order a salad when we’re out for lunch or dinner.
If you’d like for me to post a couple of salad recipe ideas on the blog, let me know through the comments below.

Thursday – When things aren’t adding up in your life, start subtracting

Oops… I guess I didn’t complete this challenge yet! It’s a work-in-progress. I really didn’t feel like sharing my home office as it looks now either. I did find my keyboard between a pile of papers. But… I’m working on it. Stay tuned, because once this challenge is completed I’ll be sure to share it on social media!

Friday – Hello weekend! I’m so happy to see you!

I’m such a homebody, so my Friday night usually equals tv night. This week I had the afternoon off which I spent photographing a new pop-up in Bruges (check out the blog later this week) and cleaning the house. I usually do the latter on Friday night, because it means I’m free of cleaning duty for the weekend!

#myvitabreak week 4

When I do opt for a night out, I do not (I repeat: I do not) leave the house without one of these:

  • Nail polish. If you like you’re into good quality yet budget nail polish, Hema will provide everything you need for. I really love this shade of red which I found in my #myvitabreak goodie bag.
  • Eyeliner. I love Urban Decay’s 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil. If you didn’t know this already: Urban Decay finally landed in Belgium last month with Urban Decay counters available at Ici Paris XL locations in Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent.
  • Lipstick. I love to wear the one by MAC although I make sure to prep my lips with one of their products from the Prep+Prime line. They’re brilliant.

Saturday – Keep calm and release your endorphins

#myvitabreak week 4

Exercise equals endorphins. The latter are good for the mind and for relaxing. I try to fit a one-hour work-out in my schedule once a week, but I’ll give you this: running after a bride and groom to capture their best day ever is considered exercise in my book. Yesterday I shot this year’s last wedding, look how beautiful these two lovebirds look.

Sunday – Challenge ahead

#myvitabreak week 4

Today I was supposed to attend a brunch to celebrate the final week of #myvitabreak. Since Brussels wasn’t exactly the place-to-be this past week, the brunch has been postponed to December 12th. If you’ve been following along on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll know that I’ll have to miss out on this one because I’m hosting a workshop at Gift Box Gent that day (more info on that one soon).
Instead of heading to brunch today, we started decorating our Christmas tree. Yesterday’s poinsettia which I got as a gift at a local garden center, couldn’t be more fit as the perfect companion to do the latter.

2 replys to #myvitabreak – week 4

  1. Oh een springtouw. Jarenlang deed ik intensief aan Rope skipping. En elke keer ik dat opnieuw zie gaan mijn handen jeuken. Helaas ben ik veel verleerd. Maar het blijft me wel fascineren.

    Xx Naomi

    1. Goh, ik ben nu niet bepaald handig. Ik heb dat vroeger in het lager nog wel gedaan, maar dat is een episode om te vergeten. 😉

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