Happy Mother’s Day

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the world!

In our family, we usually have a double celebration during the Mother’s Day weekend as my mom celebrates her birthday on May 9th. Yes, it happens now and then that her birthday and Mother’s Day are the same day.

When picking a gift, I always try to do something else than the cliché flower thing, so when my dad got himself this slide scanner at the beginning of the year, I knew exactly what my Mother’s Day/Birthday 2011 gift would be.

My dad owns tons of slides with images from e.g. my parents’ wedding day, vacations, etc, but also the building of the house we are now living in. That’s how I decided that I would scan all the slides and create a photo album with the scanned images (using Blurb).

When I got the finished book a couple of weeks ago, I was beyond happy with the result. Considering the fact that they had a crappy camera in that time and some of the slides being over 40 years old, I think the end result was more than ok. Needless to say my mom loved this gift.

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