Today I had my first Postagram delivered. Postagram, you say? Yes, that’s one of the new apps I recently discovered. I’m not really honest here, because the official app isn’t available in the Belgian iTunes store just yet. Thankfully you can also use the web-based client.

This is the Postagram that was delivered to me today :

So, what does Postagram do? It’s actually really simple. If you have an iOS device, you’re probably familiar with Instagram (yeah, that other great app, still professing my love for it up until now!). Now, if you don’t know Instagram yet, it’s basically a community photo-sharing service where you can upload and view photos. It works with a Twitter-like follow option, has quite a few effects for your photos, etc… I just love it! While you can view Instagram photos through various third party sites and apps, the only way to upload them is via the official Instagram app (currently only available for iOS devices).

Now, think about someone who doesn’t own an iOS device. You do want this person to see your Instagram photos and you know he or she loves the good old snail mail. This is all being taken care of by Postagram : it takes your Instagram photos, lets you add a custom message (up to 140 characters) and then mails a printed copy to anyone, anywhere in this world. The photo is printed at 300dpi on heavy photo paper and comes surrounded by a postcard, from which the photo can be popped out. Each photo costs just $1 to print and mail.

I ordered 2 Postagrams about 2 weeks ago and found them in the mailbox today. I’m really happy with the result, considering I paid only €0,69 for it. I’m sure this app/site can become as addictive as Instagram.

Visit the Postagram website here.

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