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First of all… you must know I’m all into winter food. I just love the winter vegetables, I can’t help it. So, imagine this: a pop-up store in Ghent that servers glorious meatballs. Of course I had to try this. I might not have chosen the best timing ever, but since they’re only open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (10am-3pm), I had to go during my vacation. Mind you, I booked our table 2 weeks in advance. It proved not to be necessary as it was 30 degrees outside when I had that famous glory ball. Delicious minced meat, seasoned to perfection, stuffed with leek and ham, accompanied by the best mashed potatoes ever. Oh, and I must not forget about the sauce, mouth-watering, I tell you!
If I have pretty much convinced you by now, I’d suggest you hop into your car, on your bike (basically whatever transportation you need to get there), head to the Sint-Jacobsnieuwstraat 103 in Ghent and experience that glorious ball.
Hurry up, it’s a pop-up store, so this story won’t last forever (well, until September 1st, that is).

For more information, visit the Balls & Glory website.

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