walking on sunshine

The lovely Katrien nominated me for the sunshine blogger award over the weekend. I’m not going to bore you with the (official) logo that goes with it, but I dug into my photo archives to provide some sunshine through one of my own photos. Now, onto the award itself.

There are some rules, which I am (of course) disobeying, so I won’t put them up here either. I will share 7 facts about myself as Katrien asked me to and I’m not going to nominate anyone else either. If you read this, you’re a blogger and you feel up to it, feel free to share seven facts about yourself (and please leave a comment telling me you did).
Why am I participating in this? Well, let’s be honest, I like to read these kind of facts on other blogs, so I promised myself not to be chicken and just go with it.

1. One day, back in September 2010, I convinced my then-boyfriend-now-husband, to queue for over 9 hours just to be front-row at the U2 show in Brussels. I even got a bruised knee by running to catch our train that morning. That said, I would do it all over again.
2. When I was young (like 8, 9 years old), Beverly Hills 90210 started airing on Belgian tv. Of course, this was past my bed-time. However, I conveniently got up again (“I can’t sleep, mommy”) so I could watch every single episode with my mom.
3. My mom and I have been ‘locked up’ in something that could go for a ‘cage’ for 5 hours while queueing for the Backstreet Boys. This was during midterms and I ended up studying geography in a cage in front of the concert venue. On a side note: I did kick ass on that midterm the next day!
4. I practiced horseback riding during primary school. Although I didn’t continue this for long, horses are still part of my favorite animals.
5. I always aim to read a book in its original, published language. I’m very lucky to have studied languages during high school and part of my college education as it allows me to read books in Dutch (my native language), English, French and German.
6. Most people presume I’m a boring human being (to this day, I guess). I spent my high school years tucked away at my desk in front of my books and eventually a computer. I never got drunk and can still count the times I partied after 3am on my ten fingers. That said, I would not like it any other way. It made me the person that I am today and I finally gained all the confidence needed in life.
7. Because my husband and I got married when we got our house, I never got a proposal, it was a sort of mutual decision. However, I still (not so secretly) hope for a proposal of some sorts one day which might lead to the renewal of our vows (so glad this is actually a thing!) and in that case, I have it all planned out (in my head).

Now that I’m completing these seven facts, I’m thinking there are so many more to write about. However, I still got a blog post lined up that will provide you with some other random facts, so stay tuned.

That said, I’m looking forward to your seven facts, do let me know in the comments if you decide to share them.

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  1. Midden de examens naar een concert, je mag je mama op je blote knietjes bedanken 😉 En in een kooi?

    Bedankt om mee te doen!

  2. Midden de examens naar een concert, je mag je mama op je blote knietjes bedanken 😉 En in een kooi?

    Bedankt om mee te doen!

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