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While going through my RSS feeds every day, I stumble upon a lot of creative ideas. If I really like what I’m seeing or reading, I eventually end up pinning an image to one of my Pinterest boards. That’s where it all ends.
Because it would be a shame keeping all these wonderful things to myself, I decided to dedicate a post now and then (I’m not going to make weekly promises here) sharing all the online beauty I stumble upon.
Ready, set, go!

Pantone Pairings
I think looking at the images of the Pantone Pairings project just pretty much sums it up. I think it’s actually not that easy to come up with a good pairing. When trying to think of one myself, I absolutely didn’t come up with anything at all…

(via Designlovefest)

Windows of New York
I love these illustrations of typical New York windows. NY-based graphic designer José Guizar captures these in his Windows of New York project. Wandering around the city, he creates illustrations from windows that caught his eye and presents them on his website on a weekly basis.

(via Honestly…WTF)

Menswear Dog
Of course New York City resident, Menswear Dog, a shiba inu with a love for everything stylish and fashionable was my favorite discovery of the week. I mean, just look at those photos, does it ever get more adorable than this?

(via Honestly… WTF)

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