As I promised you in October’s recap, November was filled with exciting ideas. Never could I imagine that what I mentioned there was only a small part of them.

November started out with beautiful fall weather. No wonder this is my favourite season. And I haven’t even mentioned the light yet: the long shadows that are produced, how I adore them.

The red cups are back! I was lucky enough to score one pumpkin spice latte back in September, but the red cups aren’t too bad either.

Looking back at November I see a lot of food in my feed, although I have to admit I did stay on the healthy track. I guess it’s all about balance here.

The #myvitabreak project was a blast. I had so much fun competing in all the challenges. Since I love me a good challenge, I also joined #decemberreflections on Instagram.

There were so many outings over these past couple of weekends, really, they’re countless. I remember thinking how December would be quiet, but as it turns out, it’s busier than ever and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

However, November 2015 will forever fill my heart with sadness over what happened in Paris. It’s something that I won’t (or never for that matter) forget easily.

May your December be merry + bright!

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