#myvitabreak – week 2

myvitabreak week 2

Before tucking in early tonight, I wanted to share my weekly update on the #myvitabreak project as I’m wrapping up week two as I’m writing this. I shared the daily Instagram challenges over the course of the week except for yesterday when I took the day off. After what happened in Paris on Friday night, it just didn’t feel right to appear all happy online mainly because I really didn’t feel happy… at all.

I’m a trooper, you know, but watching the footage late Friday night and reading the various news outlets on Saturday morning, tears welled up. This is Paris we’re talking about, my first love. Where they speak French, the first language I was taught besides my native language. In France, which has been my family’s vacation destination since forever. In the city where my husband and I travelled to for our first holiday together. The city of light, the first city I fell in love with years ago.

Life, however, goes on. It must go on. We cannot indulge in any fear and have to stay strong, for Paris and the rest of this world we live in.

I felt incredibly lucky this weekend: to have friends to share cake and coffee with, to have a husband who loves me, to have the two most adorable bunnies running through the kitchen while I’m preparing breakfast, to have a lovebird who “talks” back to me, to have parents that send images of their shopping spree via WhatsApp and to have all these opportunities in life, like being an ambassador for Vitalinea and helping you towards a more healthy and happy lifestyle. That, my friend, is happiness.

Monday – Eat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day
Breakfast is one of my favourite meals of the day nowadays. I guess my view towards breakfast changed over the years because of the multiple breakfast choices there are. There are even breakfast cafes nowadays and I can only applaud that.
myvitabreak week 2
My go-to breakfast is Greek yoghurt with (homemade) granola and fruit. I always have different flavours of granola in the house and whenever I feel up to it, I’ll be making some homemade granola. There are heaps of recipes out there, but I usually take anything I find in my cupboard, add some honey, olive oil, vanilla, a pinch of salt (Maldon, of course) and lots of cinnamon on it and put it in the oven for about 45 minutes (I like my granola crunchy). This seasoning is loosely based on the Thursday Dinners recipe which you can find here. Then again, just search for granola recipe on Pinterest and you’ll find every flavour possible on there.
myvitabreak week 2
If you’re a busy bee, you can also take this breakfast on the road. In my myvitabreak goodie bag I found this practical mason jar by Ball which holds my granola and my yoghurt in a separate box. I either use this jar for breakfast or lunch (I don’t like my vegetables soaked by noon, so I put the dressing in the pink box on top).

Tuesday – Tea is always a good idea
I believe it is, but it isn’t my cup of tea (this was the best I could come up with, sorry) or at least that was what I thought. On Tuesday I put my Instagram followers in charge and asked them to help me out on this one. Thanks to all the ladies who commented I stopped by Biovita in Bruges over my lunch break on Thursday and got a pack of nine different Yogi Tea blends. The truth is I’m pretty hooked by now. I still cannot believe it, but this might well be the tea I was looking for.

Wednesday – Live offline
Wednesday was a holiday in Belgium and I spent the day offline. I didn’t post anything to social media and carefully stored away my iPhone only to check up on it every couple of hours or so.
I did so many chores that day, had lunch at my parents’ and made progress in the book I’m currently reading. I’ve already got my next book lined up, can’t wait to read all about Amy Poehler:
myvitabreak week 2
It’s pretty crazy once you realise how much of your time ‘being online’ takes…

Thursday – Say yes to craziness
Saying yes to tea on Thursday was about as crazy as it gets for me, since I’m a self-proclaimed coffeeholic. However, I did continue my ‘say yes’-streak and purchased a new blouse and blazer over the weekend.

Friday – Everyday is a good day to work-out
I made sure that dinner was taken care of on Friday so I had the time to do some sports. I had a lunch date on both Friday and Saturday so I had to take precuations here. My go-to ritual is to get at it right away when I come home from work. We have hometrainer available and I just put Netflix on, easy as pie. Before I know it, 45 minutes have passed and 500 calories are gone. Win-win in my book!

Saturday – Never go shopping on an empty stomach
My husband goes grocery shopping on Sunday mornings but during the week I’m in charge of doing the grocery shopping. It’s my weak spot: hungry, on my way home, stopping by the grocery store and before you know it, there’s a bag of chips in the house (which I will eat, for the record). Nowadays, I make sure I always have a stash of yoghurt and granola at work so I simply have a light snack before heading home and to the grocery store. So far, this has really helped me.

Sunday – Sleep
No wakey wakey, but sleepy sleepy today. I hit the sack early last night and got about nine hours of sleep. It’s probably a record for me, but I’m set on making this a habit rather than a record. I can go on about six hours of sleep, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t need any more sleep than those mere six hours. Nowadays, I keep track of the time at night and make sure I go to bed earlier. I usually take a book with me, it helps me to unwind and go to sleep better.
myvitabreak week 2
Knowing this eye mask is waiting me for me, I can’t wait to go to sleep now. Sweet dreams, everyone!

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  1. Im sooo behind on reading your blog, but you got me hooked now! I’m loving what you’re doing and loving how you describe it. Really inspiring! 🙂 and that eye mask is totally adorable.

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