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LOST AND FOUND Photo Alexander Meeus

LOST AND FOUND Photo Alexander Meeus

I already told you about DesignMarkt which is taking place this weekend in Ghent, but I also promised you to have a more detailed look into LostNFound.

The fall edition of Designmarkt will have the honor to present the reissued Boomerang table by renowned Belgian architect Willy Van Der Meeren. It’s the first in a series of long-forgotten design classics from the twentieth century that will be reissued. Other visionary designs will include work by Renaat Braem and Lucien Engels, but first up is Van Der Meeren.

Frederic Rozier, design expert and founder of DesignMarkt, is the brains behind LostNFound, the collective that is responsible for the reissuing of these designs. He claims it’s a pity these designs got forgotten over the last couple of decades and hopes to give them the recognition they deserve.

As for the production of these items, quality is important to Rozier. For instance, all objects will carry the Made in Belgium label in order to maintain the authenticity. However, the collection will be available outside Belgium as well.

Sales information
Set of three tables black (L), red (M) and grey (S): 770 euro
black (L): 285€
red (M): 275€
grey(S): 265€

For sale at Galerie Rozier / Design 7 Nieuwpoort 7 – 9000 Gent
Online at www.lost-and-found.be

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