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I am ending this holiday gift guide week on a high note. After all, wanderlust is my middle name. I actually came up with the idea of this gift guide while hunting down the best gift ideas for the pen & paper gift guide. It occurred to me that a lot of these items had to do with travel, hence this wanderlust gift guide.

1. Cities Coaster Set $16 via Rifle Paper Co.
2. New York – The Collected Guides £20 via Herb Lester
3. €99 via Brussels Airlines
4. City Cycling Guides €4 each via Rapha
5. Maptote $20 via Amelia
6. Moleskine City Notebook (London) €15.50 via Moleskine
7. New York Stamp Set $14 via Yellow Owl Workshop
8. Grand Canyon Illustrated Art Print $40 via Rifle Paper Co.
9. Paris Map iPhone 5/5S Case $34 via Rifle Paper Co.

I absolutely adore the Rifle Paper Co. prints. I included the Grand Canyon one here, but I got the San Francisco and Los Angeles ones myself. They’re currently waiting to be framed whenever I decide upon my gallery wall (which takes like forever; I’m really bad at making decisions). Also not to be missed: the Moleskine city guides. Whenever I go on holiday, I tend to check a couple of my favorite blogs and write everything I find there in these tiny books. I carry them everywhere, I really can’t miss these. Although the ultimate gift in this gift guide is by far the voucher from Brussels Airlines. After all, the best way to conquer wanderlust, is jetting off to yet another destination, isn’t it?

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