Girls Day Out

I dare say it has become a yearly tradition that the girlfriends and I are headed to a Belgian city to indulge in some serious shopping & food experiences. A couple of weeks ago the six of us (minus one) headed to Antwerp to do just that.

As per usual we took the train (with the obligatory Starbucks visit) and strolled around the Meir among others. Since we like good food and like to try out some different venues, we made reservations at Mint. We were seated outside at quite a large table, since one of my friends’ boyfriend and their baby joined us for lunch. I ordered the veggie burger which was served with (warm) seasonal vegetables. I’ve never seen a burger served liked this, but since I prefer warm vegetables over any other kind of vegetables, I didn’t mind at all. The burger was good as well, though a guy would probably prefer a side dish, such as french fries, to go with it. While I really liked the terrace of Mint, I couldn’t help but being disturbed by the cars passing through both sides of the terrace at close distance of customers’ chairs and the fact that we had to wait over an hour for our order to be served. When you visit Antwerp for the day this is a total waste of time.

That would be me on top with my friends Frances (on your left) and Carmen :

Now, I also had to indulge in a mini shopping-spree (obviously). I got this beautiful golden necklace with a tiny camera from my all-time favorite, Urban Outfitters. For some reason, UO just never fails to please me. I also had to get the limited edition nail polish by Essentiel. The lady at the counter was so amused by me picking two (out of four) colors, that she gave me a beautiful tote bag as well.

Next in line : my fancy umbrella, also from UO. I had been looking for a similar umbrella for ages. I saw it on sale on their website, but this version with the black dots was sold-out. Luckily they still had it in the Antwerp store. Although it was 26°C outside, I purchased an umbrella and carried it with me all day long in this oversized paper bag (did I mention that I don’t like those paper bags very much?). My final purchase was this hamburger kitchen timer (also from UO), which has my name written all over it.

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  1. i hate waiting in restaurants, it’s probably one of the things that pisses me off the most… but the food looks delicious! It’s making me hungry!

    and I’m longing for a girls day out for such a long time…! I’m jealous. =P

    Great photos as usual. =)

  2. I missed this entry for some reason!

    Anyway, LOVE girls’ weekends! My best friends and I have a girls’ weekend each year where we hang by the pool and EAT lots. So fun!

    Also love your umbrella and necklace. Adorable. 🙂

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