You know how you install WordPress and write your first post and you realise that just when you were planning not to write a sort of welcome post, you end up doing the exact opposite?

Ah well, I guess there’s a time for hello’s and goodbye’s and this is the typical hello moment.

Anyhow, welcome to The domain has been a bit empty over the last couple of years but I hope to change that, starting today. The theme used is Modernist, although I did some tweaking to it by creating a custom header and a widget or two.

I was actually planning on creating my own theme, but why bother when there are so many magnificent themes out there? I might end up creating one myself, just because I like doing it all myself.

You’re probably wondering why on earth you should come back here, well I can’t promise you anything but this : I have a broad interest in about everything going on in this world, so you’ll probably find me writing about this and that. I don’t want to stick to a particular theme, because I would end up wanting to blog about something that is not belonging to it (that is like so me)…

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