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alpro - my mild & creamy
alpro - my mild & creamy
alpro - my mild & creamy

Breakfast at Kelly’s doesn’t sound quite like it, so I guess today marks the one (and probably only) time I wish my name was Tiffany. Ah well..

A little while ago, the people behind Belgian company Alpro asked me if I was into becoming a kind of ambassador for their brand or better an Alpronista as they prefer to call it.
Now, you must know I have been using an array of their products for as long as I can remember. However, I wasn’t that familiar with their yoghurt products, so I was very happy to receive a package containing three flavors of their plant-based yoghurt (Mild & Creamy) with an abundance of toppings to go with it. The challenge was to discover my favorite combination in yoghurt and topping(s).

Of course, you all know by now that I suffer an extreme case of choice stress, so that hasn’t been really helpful thus far. I do prefer my yoghurt natural, as soon as it has a flavor it becomes a bit too sweet for breakfast. As for the toppings, as of today my favorites would be the chia and flax seeds, the pecans and pistachios and the mango. Oh, and I’d like to add a bit of chocolate now and then, too. Just a teaspoon, so it isn’t really cheating, right? Right?

I have been trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the last couple of months and Alpro Mild & Creamy really adds to that. I’m in the midst of a Weight Watchers program and was surprised to find out a bowl of 100g is only 1 pro-point (2 for the flavor variant). For me, that’s a really big plus as it’s not that easy to find a well-balanced breakfast that doesn’t include a truckload of carbs.

If you head over to the Alpro site, you can find out who the other Alpronistas are and learn about their favorite combinations. Next to that, you can also win your favorite topping kit.

I’m really curious about everyone’s combinations, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment and reveal yours!

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