ASOS(creen), but not in the mail…

I heart doing my shopping online. Be it just window shopping or actually finding that one unique item somewhere on Etsy, I absolutely love it. In the past few years, I’ve been buying more and more online. It started with music & books, but I now shop clothing as well, although I’m just ordering shirts so far, no jackets or other fancy stuff. I’m not fond of returning items and all the hassle that goes with it.

Anyway, I never had a negative experience, no packages lost in the mail, etc… Sure, I have paid import duties sometimes (seriously, $40 on a package worth no more than $80?), but nothing else. Until last week…

I had been looking forward to my ASOS package for a couple of days. I know the site from its very beginning when it was still rather small, but I never ordered something. I don’t know, somehow they never ended up having that one item that I really wanted to have. Until I saw that famous claw bracelet on Fashionata a couple of months ago. I finally ordered it two weeks ago, enjoying a 20% discount as well as free delivery to Belgium. The next day, my package was wrapped and on its way to me.

A week later, I received an email from ASOS with the subject ‘Confirmation of Return from ASOS’. Apparently, I had returned the package and requested a refund. Strange, since I never even received the package.

I e-mailed them right away and got a reply within a couple of hours to say they’re sorry about the inconvenience. I replied with the question on what I should do about this and they told me to just re-order the items of my returned order. Easier said than done since that particular claw bracelet is now out of stock and my 20% discount code isn’t valid anymore. I finally received a special discount code that is valid until June 5th, but I doubt the bracelet will be back in stock by then…

Regardless of all this, I must admit that the customer service was pretty good when I contacted them. Every time I e-mailed them I got a reply within a couple of hours, even at night or during the weekends.

Now, I also discussed this matter on Twitter and there was another Belgian customer who had the same experience as I had with ASOS, but most of the people I know are happy customers. Have you ever had an experience similar to mine with ASOS or any other webshop?

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  1. So far, so good bij mij. Hoewel ik altijd een beetje schrik blijf hebben wanneer ik online bestel, want er kan altijd iets misgaan… Maar Asos heeft idd een heel goede klantendienst!

  2. I never told you how my story ended, but it did seem like my order never actually went through (though it was billed alright!), and they re-ordered it for me, but by that time one of my items was out of stock, too. I got a refund for that item, and the others in the mail a couple of days later.

    Screw ups. Ugh.

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