spring on a sunday

Spring is visiting Belgium a little earlier than usual and I’m certainly not the one to be complaining about that. It’s a welcoming change after last year’s winter, that seemed to last forever, and the rain we’ve been enduring for the last couple of months.
I’m spending this Sunday at home, just being lazy, (hopefully) finish my book and penning down a couple of ideas that have been swarming in my head for the past couple of days. Bliss.

Here’s what currently inspires me or complements the spring vibes I’m currently feeling.

Paris is always a good idea
…and that’s exactly my idea for next weekend. Can’t wait to see you again, old friend.
Postcards from Paris - Gary Pepper
(photo credit – Carin Olsson/Gary Pepper)

Summer tunes
This new record by Belgian duo Hermanos Inglesos certainly has that spring feeling to it and also has me making multiple embarrassing efforts at whistling.

I’m all set for this pastel trend and even did a small wardrobe update on Friday. I just love my new blazer from H&M.
H&M Figure-fit jacket
(image credit – H&M)

Cuteness overload
This Pinterest board has had me oooh-ing and awwww-ing for hours this week. The cuteness is almost impossible to handle: it will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I’m currently trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and there’s nothing more important than breakfast in my opinion. Yesterday afternoon I finally got to try my hand at that granola recipe I found on Belgian foodie blog Thursday Dinners, like ages ago. I’m so sorry it’s in Dutch, but if you throw in Google translate, this will be easy as pie (not to mention: so delicious, it takes me tons of discipline not to eat that entire bowl).

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  1. Ik hou echt van de foto’s van Carin en Gary Pepper 🙂 en dat pinterest bord was echt zalig!

    1. Hun foto’s zijn echt geweldig, hé! Ze shooten dan ook op de beste locaties, zoals New York en Parijs, dat is op zich al niet zo slecht.

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