snapshot #1 – the city that never sleeps

Today I’m introducing you to a new series on the blog. While I usually tend to ‘spoil’ you with tons of images accompanying nearly each and every blog post, I do find the need to write you, dear reader, a shorter note now and then.

So it happened that one Sunday afternoon the idea of a “snapshot post” popped into my head. A snapshot could resemble a tiny slice of life, something that caught my eye,… basically anything.

One photo and a short note are key to this series which I hope you’ll like. Do feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Let’s start with a confession: I was about to kick off the series with another snapshot. However, Timehop decided to remind me this morning that five years ago today we left for New York.

Reminiscing by browsing through my photos from that trip back in 2010, I selected this image of Times Square. We actually waited until our last night to stop by Times Square and while it is an overly tourist area, it still is so New York to me. I actually believe it was my first acquaintance with the city that never sleeps.

In other news: earlier today I sent an e-mail to my husband after I received today’s newsletter from Brussels Airlines. My wanderlust got hold of me and by seeing their fares I could not help but dreaming of a magical winter in New York.
No word yet on another trip, though, but a girl can dream, right?

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  1. ik moet het zelfs niet doorsturen, jean-pierre wil niet vliegen… *zucht* voorlopig blijft het bij kijken naar jouw foto’s denk ik… 🙂

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