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Ever since I started using online tools when preparing for my next city trip, my go-to blog would be Petite Passport. Pauline, the lady behind the blog, always manages to find the cool, hip & quirky spots. As a travel journalist she explores the world all year round and shares the most incredible hot spots on her blog as well.

While celebrating the fifth anniversary of her blog last week she had some very exciting news to announce. Since people were always asking her for an app or book adjacent to the blog, she started thinking. No fan of either the app or the book, she opted for online city guides instead: always up-to-date with the newest hot spots just as you would like when travelling, right?

The Amsterdam Guide, the Barcelona Guide and the London Guide were released last week, with the New York Guide and Los Angeles Guide following later this month.

I’m heading to London in May so I went ahead and purchased the London Guide. The easy part here is that you can download the guide straight to your smartphone so you won’t have to carry another guide around (my bag is alway full of clutter, so this is a big plus for me).
You all know that I’m a sucker for all things pretty and when looking at the photography and design (by Foreign Policy Design in Singapore) I am one happy camper. City guides are so much nicer to have when there’s a good aesthetic to it.

Sweet Pauline also sent me the beautiful postcard featured here to thank me for putting the word out on social media and wishing me a nice London trip. Now, she does not only search for the coolest spots in town, she’s one cool gal on her own as well.

The Petite Passport Guides are available for purchase through this link and will set you back a mere €14.99 per guide. A bargain to make the best out of your next trip, don’t you think?

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