Kelly Moore bag

Ever since I got my first dSLR, I have been carrying it around in either my Lowepro or Crumpler camera bags. Functional bags? Yes. Stylish? Not so much.

Photographer Kelly Moore was thinking the exact same thing and designed her own camera bag. The result is a line of bags with repositionable dividers and tons of pockets to carry your camera gear. The stylish yet functional camera bags are not women-only, there’s a men’s line as well.

I have been using mine for over a month now and this camera bag really suits me. I got mine at PilgerBags where the lovely Silvia did a great job at getting me my Kelly Moore of choice as soon as possible (considering the fact that these bags are really popular and Silvia has clients from all over the world, I think it was really worth the wait). Moreover, every bag comes with a small gift. I had the pleasure of finding a beautiful felt camera keychain in my package.

Kelly Moore B-Hobo (Walnut), € 154,00 from PilgerBags

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  1. Nice! Do you still have room for wallet, keys and such? Because that’s what always bugs me: having to carry around a purse ànd a camera bag…

    1. Well, let’s see what’s in my bag: a pair of glasses (I wear contacts on weekends), a pair of sunglasses, wallet, keys, iPhone, small notebook, business cards holder, girl stuff plus my Canon 5D MK II (that camera is huge) with either a 50mm 1.4 (short lens) or the 24-70mm (rather long lens). I know the feeling of carrying around a purse ànd a camera bag, that’s why I have the Kelly Moore bag now. 🙂

  2. Niet 100% mijn smaak, maar wel mooi, en zo praktisch! Ik hoop nog altijd een betaalbare camera-/handtas die bij elke outfit past en volledig mijn smaak is tegen te komen, maar het blijkt niet gemakkelijk! Voorlopig gebruik ik iets anders, een soort vierkant uit beschermend materiaal, met velcro’s, dat je om je camera kan wikkelen en toe kleven, en dan kan je je camera zo in eender welke handtas steken. Ook geen slecht idee, maar niet echt compact om één of andere reden, je camera wordt zo’n dik pakketje dan. Maar daar doe ik het dus voorlopig mee 🙂

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