Glee Live! at The O2

This past Saturday, Steven and I went to the Glee Live! concert at The O2 in London.

When they started selling tickets for this concert, I was the only one watching Glee, but shortly after (and thanks to me) Steven got pretty much addicted to the show as well. Unfortunately, all regular tickets were sold out by then…
There were still platinum tickets left, though, but they were being sold for hundreds of pounds. I did check back now and then in case they released extra tickets. In early June, I noticed that the prices of the platinum tickets had seriously dropped since ticket sales started.
I found two tickets in the first block and ordered them. Since it was way too late to get a Eurostar ride at a decent price, my parents decided to go to London for the day and we could accompany them in the car.

The tickets were great!! We had reserved seats somewhere in the 11th row. It was really weird seeing those familiar faces from tv in real life. I must say most of the actors look quite older in person.

The opening number was Don’t Stop Believing and I think you can imagine the crowd went wild when the first few bars of the music started playing. I really think the cast enjoyed themselves. I mean, they’re taping the show most of the year, have to record the songs, study choreography and when they’re on hiatus they go on a nationwide (and small European) tour.

Every actor had his or her moment during the show, but Lea Michele, Amber Riley and Chris Colfer had the most solos. I really liked the fact that Heather Morris got to do Britney’s Slave 4 U (she even wore the same outfit as she did on the show), but she did lip-synch. Her dancing is fabulous, though!

The show didn’t last that long (only 80 minutes) and I did miss one of the famous mash-ups, they should’ve included one in the show.

The venue (The O2, London) itself was amazing! Arriving by tube, you only have a 150m walk left to the venue and inside there’s a little village, consisting mostly of restaurants and bars. I would definitely recommend attending a concert at The O2 as it’s fairly easy to get there, either by tube or boat.

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  1. The Glee tour looks like it was so much fun! Love your pictures from the show. I’m so sorry now that when they were touring by me I didn’t go.

  2. Wow, you had great seats! And got such phenomenal pics! 🙂 Glad you had a great time. It was so fun seeing the actors in person and I’m hoping they’ll tour again next year so I can see them again, lol!

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