Let me start off by mentioning how I’m currently listening to The Cranberries’ Dreams on repeat (thank you, Spotify!) while writing this blog entry. Love love love that song!

Today’s #wijvenweek theme is perhaps my favorite of this edition as well: dreams. Dreams, I have so many to write about, but there’s only one recurring dream & I do hope to realize it someday. Who knows…

I adore the French Alps & photography, so I guess it comes to no surprise that I dream of opening my own little photography shop somewhere in the French Alps. It would also have a coffee bar with a current exhibition of my work. Adjacent to the shop would be our home: big windows with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, a sunny terrace, a big fireplace, aaaah. If we haven’t won the lottery by then, there would also be a couple of guest rooms. At night I would create a lovely meal for the guests & us and simply enjoy mountain life. I have been thinking of this for a couple of years now and I guess if the opportunity would be there, …

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