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diamanti per tutti
diamanti per tutti
diamanti per tutti
diamanti per tutti

Over the weekend, I finally got the chance to experience the beauty that is Diamanti per Tutti, the Antwerp-based diamond fashion brand.
I remember them starting out not that long ago and have come to appreciate them over time. When I learned they would be popping up in Antwerp this December, I was in for a visit.
Though I must admit that one of the main reasons I wanted to check out their pop-up shop, was their collaboration with Belgian journalist and lifestyle blogger Stephanie Duval (look out for a special post on their Diamanti per Tutti x 70percentpure collab soon).
I have to admit, upon entering the shop, I fell in love. The interior is so stylish and beautiful and the jewellery couldn’t be displayed in a better way.
I think their presence in a shop, albeit a pop-up shop, during this holiday season was a smart move. After all, I wouldn’t have left with two boxes if it were to be bought online.
And as to what was in the two boxes… well, I guess you’ll just have to wait and see, or maybe check my Instagram on Christmas Eve for some sparkles.

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