this is not another pop-up


When I read a press release with the sentence “this is not another pop-up”, I’m intrigued. Especially when it also talks about a new generation of pop-up concepts and that the likes of Baroness O. (online store/creative studio) and Sofie Claes (fashion designer) are involved.
Let me introduce you to The Plantshop. Based in Antwerp, from November 21st until December 28th, The Plantshop promises to spoil us with coffee, design, magazines and plants. But there’s more: the temporary restaurant will stuff your stomach every Thursday night (reservation required).
These creative gals also worked together on a special project. Top-secret as for now, the only thing we know for now is that it is a cross-over of sorts between fashion and design.
Furthermore, Baroness O. will present her capsule collection Jacky by Baroness O. together with other items from the webshop.
Designer Sofie Claes will present her AW13 capsule collection which she will complement with a line of silver leather garments.

The Plantshop
Vlasmarkt 30
2000 Antwerp

Opening hours – Thursday through Sunday – 11am-7pm
Also open on December 23 & 24, 27 & 28.

For dinner reservations, please send an e-mail to or

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