and the trees are stripped bare


The trees are supposed to be stripped bare in October, but we have been fortunate to experience a real Indian summer and I couldn’t be happier about it.
Turns out I do need that vitamin D more than I thought I did, me being the self-proclaimed queen of winter.

Looking back at October I can only affirm that it was good to me.
There was (and still is) #boostyourpositivity, the start of a new and exciting project (#myvitabreak launches tomorrow!) and a lot of U2 (2 concerts and 284 scrobbles is a lot to process; I’m still on a U2-high).
I became Sporty Spice for about five hours last month (and hope to continue that sporty strike throughout winter).
Then there was food. My favorite vegetables are back at the grocery store (queen of winter, right), there were healthy lunches and I made us of my cookbooks. I even got the most beautiful cookbook in the mail recently, but more on that later.
What you didn’t read here on or social media: October was also about making plans, about rekindling old friendships, about going back to old traditions (or at least thinking about them), but also about my body that won’t agree with my mind(set). Why do I only count 24 hours in a day?

Here’s to November:
– exciting new projects
– breakfast dates
– shopping dates
– dinner dates
– movie dates
– cooking class dates
– getting back on the healthy track
– put those old traditions back in motion
– being creative
– listening to my body

Good night, dear reader.

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  1. Niet meer high on U2, wel high on Caspian tegenwoordig, maar het concert is er toch een dat ik niet licht zal vergeten. En ik zag jou! Hoe toevallig was dat niet?

    1. Nogmaals merci voor de Caspian tip, trouwens! Ondertussen ben ik wel overgeschakeld naar winter tunes na het spotten van de eerste Kerstboom!
      Inderdaad: tussen meer dan 20000 mensen elkaar tegenkomen. Toeval bestaat dan toch?

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